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Men's Siesta Barefoot Shoes

Men's Siesta Barefoot Shoes

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Men's Size

Runs True To Size. Free Exchange Within 60 Days.

Tropic is built for people who love the outdoors and seek the best comfort. With wide toe boxes and flexible soles, your feet can move as nature intended, leading to healthier, stronger feet. It comes no tie laces that makes tying easy. It also comes with quick drying drainage holes for water to be drained easily from the shoes.

Additional benefits include:

  • Improved Balance: Enhanced foot flexibility and toe spread can lead to better balance and coordination.
  • Stronger Legs and Core: Experience a better workout for your leg and core muscles as your feet move naturally.
  • Fewer Injuries: By promoting natural foot movement, Tropic Barefoot Shoes can help reduce the risk of foot and lower body injuries.
  • Increased Activity Enjoyment: Comfortable feet can enhance your enjoyment of running, hiking, dancing, and more.
  • Natural Connection: Feel more connected to the world around you as you experience the texture of the ground beneath your feet.


- Outsole Material: Puncture Resistant Firm Rubber Outsole

- Upper Material: 80% Lycra Flyknit Mesh + 20% Polyester

- Weight: 230g / 0.51lbs based on a single shoe

- Best for: Walking, Hiking

- Trail Type: Rugged


Shipping & Exchanges

Processing time takes 2-4 business days before your package is shipped. If the size does not fit, we have a free 60 days exchange. Simply email us to with your foot measurements, and we will recommend the right size for the exchange. 


Care Guide

  • Remove the laces and insoles.
  • Place shoes in a delicate bag (pro tip: a pillowcase works too).
  • Choose a gentle cycle with cold water & mild detergent.
  • Shake out any excess water & set aside to air dry. 
  • Shoes will regain their original shape with one or two wears.

Handy tips: Don’t put them in the dryer. They’ll go back to their original shape in no time. You can hand wash your laces and insoles on their own.

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Embrace Comfort and Freedom

Say goodbye to bulky shoes and hello to freedom. Our lightweight and vegan suede leather design make our shoes feel like a second skin, providing a liberating and comfortable experience. Enjoy the sensation of walking barefoot, without compromising on protection.

Unleash Your Natural Movement

Aron Barefoot Shoes promote a more natural gait by allowing your feet to move freely. With their flexible soles and roomy toe boxes, they encourage a midfoot or forefoot strike, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing your overall running efficiency.

Get Healthier, Happier Feet

Experience the positive effects of minimalist shoes. Aron helps to improve posture and alignment throughout your body. With their natural foot position and gait, Aron helps reduce stress on your joints, promoting healthier mechanics and potentially alleviating discomfort in your knees, hips, and lower back.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not familiar with barefoot minimalist shoes. How do I know if they're suitable for me?

Barefoot minimalist shoes are designed to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot while providing protection and support. They offer numerous benefits for your comfort and foot health. These shoes promote natural movement, strengthen your muscles, improve balance, and reduce the risk of common foot problems. Many first-timers have found great comfort and relief by switching to barefoot minimalist shoes. I encourage you to give them a try and experience the difference for yourself.

Do they provide enough cushioning and support?

While it's true that barefoot shoes have a thinner sole compared to traditional shoes, they actually provide a surprising amount of cushioning and support. The unique design of these shoes allows your feet to move naturally and engage the muscles that are often neglected in regular shoes. By promoting proper alignment and encouraging your foot's natural arch, these shoes distribute the impact of each step more evenly, reducing strain and discomfort. You'll be amazed at how comfortable and supportive they can be once you give them a chance.

Are they durable?

Aron sheos are crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. They are built to last and withstand the demands of everyday wear. The manufacturers have put extensive research and testing into creating durable shoes that can handle various terrains and activities. Additionally, many of these shoes come with reinforced soles and protective features to ensure longevity. With proper care, these shoes will continue to provide you with the comfort and foot health benefits you desire for a long time.

Are these shoes waterproof?

While they repel water well, it's not recommended to dip these shoes in water for a long period of time. They are water-resistant and are comfortable to wear even on rainy days.

Are they wide enough for my feet?

Aron has roomy toe boxes. However, if you have very wide feet, you are recommended to get a size bigger.