Achieve Foot Freedom

No need to squeeze your feet into tight toe boxes. Geniune comfort comes from allowing your foot to move and flex naturally. Click the button below to check our newest Aron barefoot shoes.

  • Coolmax Sneakers (New Improved)

    For urban walks and short runs

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  • Indestructible Walking Shoes

    For heavy-duty work

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  • Miracle Dasher

    For High Impact Activities

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  • Venice Barefoot Shoes

    For Daily Walking, Gym Workouts Or Easy Hikes

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  • "I have enjoyed each pair of shoes, and when I can afford to get more. I will definitely do just that.
    I love all the shoes, but these ones are my favorite. I have also gotten tons of compliments."
    -Sheri M.

  • "Because of broken bones, ligament damage, and arthritis I have a great deal of trouble walking. To add to the mix I am well overweight.

    Moving Steps walking shoes have been a truly great find for me and my health."


  • My pair was a life saver for my work in the medical field. Over 20,000 steps in my shift and still feels great! - Graham J.

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