No More Foot Pain.

We design each pair to tackle the common foot problems and produce thoroughly so that you can get the ultimate comfort and pain-free life. Click the button below to check our newest shoes!

  • Coolmax Sneakers (New Improved)

    For urban walks and short runs

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  • Indestructible Walking Shoes

    For heavy-duty work

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  • Miracle Dasher

    For High Impact Activities

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  • Everyday Walking Shoes (For Females)

    For Daily Walking

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  • "I have enjoyed each pair of shoes, and when I can afford to get more. I will definitely do just that.
    I love all the shoes, but these ones are my favorite. I have also gotten tons of compliments."
    -Sheri M.

  • "Because of broken bones, ligament damage, and arthritis I have a great deal of trouble walking. To add to the mix I am well overweight.

    Moving Steps walking shoes have been a truly great find for me and my health."


  • My pair was a life saver for my work in the medical field. Over 20,000 steps in my shift and still feels great! - Graham J.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Back.

We believe that you'll like your shoes or insoles, so we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If the shoes do not fit well, feel free to exchange them for free with no charge.