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Women's Milan Barefoot Sneakers

Women's Milan Barefoot Sneakers

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Imagine feeling like you're walking on clouds, with every step light and effortless. The Milan is meticulously designed with its flexible rubber soles to provide the ultimate barefoot experience, allowing your feet to move naturally. No more cramped toes or rigid soles hindering your every move. Its breathable and stretchy flyknit mesh wraps around your feet and ankles in comfort. Whether you're strolling around your neighborhood or driving, the Milan will be your reliable companion in every adventure.

  1. Unleash Your Natural Movement: Milan promotes a more natural gait by allowing your feet to move freely. With their flexible soles and roomy toe boxes, they encourage a midfoot or forefoot strike, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing your overall running efficiency.

  2. Strengthen Your Feet: By providing minimal cushioning and support, our shoes help strengthen the muscles in your feet and lower legs. This improved strength and flexibility promote better balance, stability, and foot health, enabling you to take confident strides.

  3. Enhanced Sensory Experience: Experience a heightened connection with the ground beneath you. Milan offers excellent sensory feedback, allowing you to adapt to different surfaces more effectively and improving your proprioception for greater body awareness.

  4. Embrace Comfort and Freedom: Say goodbye to bulky shoes and hello to freedom. Our lightweight flyknit mesh design make our shoes feel like a second skin, providing a liberating and comfortable experience. Enjoy the sensation of walking barefoot, without compromising on protection.

  5. Improve Posture and Alignment: Experience the positive effects of improved posture and alignment throughout your body. With their natural foot position and gait, Milan helps reduce stress on your joints, promoting healthier mechanics and potentially alleviating discomfort in your knees, hips, and lower back.

If you are trying barefoot shoes for the first time, you are recommended to get our orthopedic insoles for better arch support and cushioning. Once you are used to it, you can replace back with the original insoles to strengthen your foot further.


Upper Material: Flyknit Mesh Fabric

Sole Material: Recycled TPR (Mixture of rubber and recycled plastic)

Heel-Toe Drop: 0

Toe Shape: Round


Shipping & Exchanges

Processing time takes 2-4 business days before your package is shipped. If the size does not fit, we have a free 60 days exchange. Simply email us to with your foot measurements, and we will recommend the right size for the exchange. 


Care Guide

  • Remove the laces and insoles.
  • Place shoes in a delicate bag (pro tip: a pillowcase works too).
  • Choose a gentle cycle with cold water & mild detergent.
  • Shake out any excess water & set aside to air dry. 
  • Shoes will regain their original shape with one or two wears.

Handy tips: Don’t put them in the dryer. They’ll go back to their original shape in no time. You can hand wash your laces and insoles on their own.

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