6 Helpful Tips To Prevent Foot & Ankle Injuries

6 Helpful Tips To Prevent Foot & Ankle Injuries

We spend hours standing in front of the mirror to get dressed before stepping out. We may spend a fortune getting the best clothes. But how much time do we spend on our feet? Foot health is hardly a concern for most of us until we hurt ourselves.

A few of us are prone to accidents now and then. We may always be fleet-footed, causing us to get hurt by bumping against the legs of the table or chair. It is usual for everyone, but many others who love walking or jogging may also find themselves getting frequent injuries in the foot. What is the solution in that case? Cautious walking is necessary, and you may need to think of adopting a few of these tips to ensure you get fewer injuries.

Tips before any Footwork

Whether you run, dance, or do aerobics, your foot is a vital part of the body. Take note of these points before starting your footwork, and soon you will find relief. This is the best foot injury prevention you can give yourself to ensure you live without any pain.

  1. Stretch and Prep Up: Before going on a jog or some workout with your foot, make sure to do some light stretching. Try simple walking around and kicking in the air, or jumping up and down to wake up your feet. Moreover, you go back to jogging the first thing in the morning, run down the steps, or your portico as a way to tell your legs to get going for the day.
  2. Wear Shoes to Suit Your Need: Whether you go jogging or dancing, cycling or brisk walking, pick the shoes as per that. The ones you use for walking may not be suitable for jogging unless it mentions so. There are cross-training or heavy-duty workout shoes too for the same. It gives the foot the best stability on the ground. Also, it is a must if you have a flat foot or are quite prone to falls. We recommend going for our All Might walking shoes for a start. 
  3. Watch Where You Tread: If you go on newer routes for walking or jogging, make sure to keep your eyes on the way ahead. Don’t step if there is a hole in the ground or a rocky road along the cliff. It may twist or cause you a sprain or worse a hairline fracture. It has to be one of the prime ways to adapt to foot injury prevention.
  4. Not too Fast: Your foot health is only going to be excellent as you be gentle on it. Running up the bumpy track or running on uneven or also fast may damage to the legs overall. So, take it steady, but no need to be Speedy Gonzales!
  5. Take Regular Breaks: Many people do not listen to the desperate calls the body makes. So, pay heed and take regular breaks. Stop after running half a mile. Breathe deep in and out and then resume. It will be an excellent respite for your body but, most importantly, for the body.
  6. Go Slow after Breaks: If you are resuming workout after a few weeks or months, go slow. We know it may seem very easy on paper, but when you try going for it, even a few steps may seem cumbersome. You may lose breath and find it difficult to resume.

Whatever is the condition of your foot, there are treatments available. Just make sure not to ignore any pain occurring in the foot. Don’t delay in seeking treatment if you get any problem to ensure you have excellent foot health.

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