Why Running is good and how to prevent injuries

Why Running is good and how to prevent injuries

Running is one of the most popular physical exercises, it requires low investment and you can do it just about anywhere! Running offers several benefits including improved cardiovascular fitness, increased bone density, longevity, improved cognition, better sleep, and even increased happiness. Not to mention that it is one of the best ways to burn calories and maintain weight. It is no wonder that so many people incorporate running in their daily routines.


Running forces a whole lot of impact on your feet step by step and it unfortunately causes a whole lot of injuries each year. Fortunately many of these injuries are easily preventable and the benefits of precaution well worth the effort.


Pain is just part of running. It’s never easy but if you train smart, you can avoid serious injuries. 15-20 minutes focused on injury prevention can dramatically cut your risk of injuries and stay healthy long term.


Here are some tips to stay on top of your injury-free running game.


Find the best running shoes for your feet

While running doesn’t require big investment, it’s well worth it to buy high quality shoes for your runs. To avoid injuries make sure that the shoes you have provides the perfect support for your feet and ankles. Running shoes may look like sneakers but they were designed to make your runs smooth and offer specific cushioning and support to prevent injuries. When choosing your shoes for running consider where you want to run ( outdoors run requires different support) and make sure that it is the perfect size and width for your feet. Our recommendation will be our Miracle Dasher which is designed ergonomically for running. 


Warm Up and Cool Down


The major reason why runners get injured is because their feet are unprepared for the activity. Do dynamic stretches to warm up before your run and avoid static stretches because they can cause injuries. Incorporate walking, strides, lunges and leg swings into your pre-run routine.


After your runs, dedicate some minutes to cool down. Here you can do static stretches or utilize a foam roller. Breath deeply and regularly and let your heart return to its normal pace.


Get Your Nutrition Right

Eating healthy will not only impact your level of energy but it will also help you prevent injuries. Recent studies showed that a healthy nutritional diet can affect bone mass density and bone structure contributing to how well bones repair the micro-damages caused by running. Diet and nutrition—including calorie, calcium, vitamin D and water  intake will affect how your body will respond to the stress caused by running and to smaller injuries. Other than what you eat it is also crucial to know when to eat. Hold off with the heavier meals until after your training. After a race or a hard run refuel your body with protein and carbohydrates to restore your glycogen and repair the muscles

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