3 Tips To Relieve Foot Pain In 30 Seconds

3 Tips To Relieve Foot Pain In 30 Seconds

If you are dealing with bottom of the foot pain, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis, we recommend doing these 3 exercises to get quick foot pain relief in as little as 30 seconds.

1. Spoon fix

Step 1: Find a metal spoon that's nice, rounded and a slightly thicker handle.

Step 2: What we are doing is a form of muscle scraping or gua sha. Use lubrication such as coconut oil, any massage lotions or over the counter ain creams. 

Step 3: Coat the bottom of the foot with the lotion

Step 4: Use the handle or the rounded area of the spoon and start from the heel and scrape towards the toes with light pressure. Only go over soft tissues and not bony areas. 

Step 5: When you find certain spots that feel gritty, repeat the scraping on those areas. They are called spots of adhesion which are causes to your foot pain, and breaking them up helps to promote healing. 

Step 6: Repeat the process from the toes to the heels. Then repeat the scraping in a 45 degree direction. 

If you see some redness on the bottom of your foot, it means blood is flowing to those areas to promote healing and relieve your foot pain. 



2. Stretch!

Your feet sometimes get tight and achy, so stretching helps to release the tension and relieve foot pain! 

Watch the stretching video below: 


3. Strengthen your feet! 

If you want to get rid of foot pain for good, we have to strengthen the foot muscles. Here's a wonderful exercise that helps your feet to go through so many motions and pinpoint many weaknesses. It's called the foot opener. 

Step 1: Balance on one foot. Use a wall or a chair if you need stability. 

Step 2: Pivot a little forward from your hips and turn a little outwards. If you are standing on your right foot and turning to your right, this will cause the foot to supinate. 

Step 3: Go as far as you feel comfortable and stable and hold for 10-15 seconds. 

Step 4: Repeat by turning to your left. For example, if you are standing on your right foot and turning to your left, this will cause the foot to pronate. Repeat step 3. 

Step 5: Repeat 10 times turning left and right as well as switching to your other foot. 

If you have a collapsed arch, you want to focus on that supination to help build that arch. 


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